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LSLC / LMAA Hybrid event -Offshore Energy: Contracts and disputes in the maritime environment


The hybrid event is being held in association with the LMAA, and the IDRC as the host.

Experts in the market will present a picture of maritime disputes in the offshore energy sector. Focus will be on disputes arising from energy operations in a maritime environment plus shipbuilding and FPSO projects. The seminar will address new developments in contracts for offshore windfarms and also demystify difficult issues on delay in offshore projects. There will be discussion on specific tips for choosing a tribunal and case managing a complex offshore dispute.

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LSLC / 36 Stone Webinar – Sanctions, Frustration and Force Majeure


“The court is exercising its powers, when it decides that a contract is frustrated, in order to achieve a result which is just and reasonable” (The Kingswood [1942] AC 154, 184 per Lord Wright)

In a time of unprecedented disruption caused by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, commercial parties face the ever-evolving risk of international sanctions affecting their contractual rights and obligations. This event will focus on the past and present impact of sanctions on the shipping, commodities and international trade. Join a panel of expert practitioners who will discuss legal and practical issues to consider when dealing with entities presently sanctioned or those that may potentially be so.

This event is held in association with 36 Stone and will either take place on 14th or 16th June. Delegates will be notified when the date is confirmed.

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