Time Charters – Hot Topics

• Is it commercially reasonable that if time-charterers redeliver late, owners are able to recover for the loss of a following fixture?
• Is The ‘Achilleas’ bad law? Did the law take a wrong turning in holding that, if a legitimate last voyage overruns, charterers are in breach of contract and liable for damages limited only by ‘remoteness’?
• Is there any single formula which will allocate responsibility for all claims arising from port operations?
• How should the law tell what are owners’ functions and what are charterers’ functions?
• Does the ‘rule’ that clause 8 of the NYPE allocates responsibility to charterers, unless the vessel ‘officiously intervenes’ or there are matters known only to the vessel, fit the practical realities of loading and stowing cargo?
• Is this ‘rule’ good law? Is owners’ duty to make the vessel seaworthy only ‘non-delegable’ or actually non-delegable?

Chair:Timothy Young QC – 20 Essex Street
Panellists:imon Kverndal QC – Quadrant Chambers
Dr. Aleka Sheppard – London Shipping Law Centre, ORA-MRM
Jeremy Russell QC – Quadrant Chambers
Robert Gay – Hill Dickinson LLP
Venue:A. Bilbrough & Co Ltd.
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