Professional Indemnity Insurance in the Maritime Industry

Insurance Cover:
• Who needs it and who is covered?  For what risks?
• English court decisions
• Possible contractual pitfalls
• Solutions and market position
• What are the reasonable expectations an insured can have of his liability insurer?
• Ship management: too much maintenance to do and too little income to do it with; how can the gap be bridged?
• the changing face of litigation against intermediaries both in respect of claims brought under the traditional heading of breach of duty and in respect of claims which might arise under the increasing regulatory regimes
• the move to transfer responsibility to the intermediary for the failure of the commercial bargain between the parties for whom the intermediaries were acting.

Chair:David Martin-Clark – Stone Chambers/LSLC
Panellists:Nigel Cooper – Quadrant Chambers: Presentation - “Fine dining or just another meal ticket - pursuit of the intermediary”
Andrew Jamieson – ITIC: Presentation - “Service not included - the role and limits of insurance”.
David Blackburn – Miller Insurance Ltd.: Presentation – “Intermediaries - The Meat in the Sandwich”
Venue:Quadrant Chambers
CPD Points:2