Piracy Up-date

Recent Legal Developments
• Seizure and detention by pirates – effect under standard off-hire clauses:
. • The effect of the CONWARTIME 1993 and 2004 clauses :
• CONWARTIME 2013 revisions.

• The BIMCO Piracy Clauses 2009 (1st & 2nd editions) and 2013 – off-hire cap and other developments
• Consequential trends in the shipping and insurance markets;
• An evolving threat: recent events in West Africa;
. • Piracy today, a global phenomenon – a skip around the globe looking at piracy and the different business models applied and mitigation
• Armed guards on ships: legislate or regulate? – a brief look at how privately contracted armed security personnel on board merchant ships are controlled
• An examination of the core differences between land and maritime security and why none of the big security firms are in the maritime space.
• Private Maritime Security; growth industry? – piracy rates in the Indian Ocean have dropped significantly, is that it or is there more to this story?

Chair:The Hon Mr Justice Eder
Panellists:Richard Siberry QC - Essex Court Chambers
William Howard - Reed Smith LLP
Peter Cook - SAMI
Venue:Reed Smith LLP
The Broadgate Tower (32nd floor)
20 Primrose Street
Time:From 6.00pm - 8.00pm
CPD Points:This event is accredited for 2 CPD points