Piracy II

Issues for discussion

* Piracy – the practicalities:
o Safety and security risk assessment – Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants
o Dealing with piracy events (James Gosling, HFW)
+ Evolution of attacks and locations
+ Ransom payments – practical issues
+ Legality of ransom payments – the views from UK & US
+ Human impact
+ The role of P&I to date

* Charterparty issues (Sara Cockerill, Essex Court Chambers)
o To date
+ Can the owner refuse to prosecute the voyage?
+ Conwartime
+ What orders are the time-charterers entitled to give?
+ Could the master change route? Would it be deviation, if he did? Is there an obligation to follow a safe route?
+ Precautions and convoys: Who pays the expenses?
+ Off-hire issues – deficiency of men
o Emerging issues:
+ Bimco and Intertanko clauses on piracy
+ Seaworthiness

* Insurance issues (Jonathan Gilman QC, Essex Court Chambers)
+ Marine/war risk, K&R
+ Piracy/riot – the magic of 12
+ Ransom and Sue & Labour
+ Public policy after the Bunge Melati Dua (Com Ct 18 Feb 2010)
+ The terrorism link
+ GA issues
+ P&I

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Chair:Lord Justice Rix
Panellists:James Gosling, HFW
Sara Cockerill, Essex Court Chambers
Jonathan Gilman QC, Essex Court Chambers
Tim Hart - Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants
Venue:Holman Fenwick Willan, Friary Court, 65 Crutched Friars, London, EC3N 2AE
Time:5:30pm for 6pm
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