Navigating Sustainability from Regulation to Dispute Resolution

Topics to be addressed will include:
• How legislation and regulation are driving the sustainability
agenda and the impact of sustainability on the disputes and

• The key issues for the shipping sector arising out of the
drive to a sustainable industry and what they mean from the
perspective of a user of the English legal system

• London Arbitration and the LMAA’s up-to-date suite of
arbitration and ADR procedures, enabling effective and
sustainable processes for users worldwide

• The inter-relationship between the English Courts, London
Arbitration and ADR – a model for the resolution of
international disputes at a time when users are looking for
cost efficient and sustainable dispute resolution.

Chair:Poonam Melwani QC - Quadrant Chambers
Panellists:Host: Jonathan Webb - Partner, HFW

Nigel Cooper QC - Quadrant Chambers
Daniella Horton - LMAA Full Member and former Hon. Secretary
Alessio Sbraga, - Partner, HFW
Jamie Wallace - Legal Director, Standard Club
Friary Court,
65 Crutched Friars,
London EC3N 2AE

Via Webinar format - For those choosing to attend virtually, HFW will provide a Zoom link after registration through the LIDW portal.
Time:12.00 - 14.00 BST
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