Impact of Rome I and II

Impact of Rome I and II – New Choice of Law Rules in Contract and Tort. Attempts to harmonise EU law of contract and tort.

Impact of Rome I and II – New Choice of Law Rules in Contract and Tort

Lawyers and commercial practitioners will soon need to grapple with the radical changes introduced by the Rome I & Rome II Regulations providing rules for the applicable law in relation to contractual and non-contractual obligations.  Rome I completes the harmonization at Community level of the rules of private international law on civil and commercial matters. Rome II will be relevant to shipping with regard to damage caused by defective products and environmental pollution. At this event, the issues will include:

o Rome I Overview
o Freedom of choice, contracts of carriage provisions (Arts 3,5)
o Overriding mandatory provisions
o Rome II Overview
o Freedom of choice (Art 14)
o Maritime torts of the sea
o Unfair competition – unjust enrichment provisions
o Effect of Rome I & Rome II on Arbitration agreements

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Chair:Richard Lord QC - Brick Court Chambers
Panellists:Richard Gwynne - Stephenson Harwood
Fergus Randolph QC - Brick Court Chambers
Professor Jonathan Harris - Serle Court & University of Birmingham
Andrew Dickinson - Consultant to Clifford Chance LLP
Venue:Stephenson Harwood
Time:6pm - 8pm
CPD Points:2