Damages update

Damages update


This topical seminar reviews recent developments in the law of damages which are of key importance to all practitioners in the shipping, commercial and competition fields.

Issues :

* Measure of damages in the collision context arising from loss of a fixture, with particular reference to The Front Ace
* Contractual damages for late redelivery under a time charter and the implications of the House of Lords decision in The Achilleas
* Damages in the competition law context, including restitutionary damages.

Members: Download full transcript here

Chair:The Rt. Hon. Sir Anthony Clarke MR
Panellists:Vasanti Selvaratnam QC - Stone Chambers
Simon Croall QC - Quadrant Chambers
Dominick Kendrick QC - 7 King’s Bench Walk
Fergus Randolph - Brick Court Chambers
Venue:Quadrant Chambers
Time:6pm - 8pm
CPD Points:2