Decarbonisation & Shipping – 21.04.21

This was a joint webinar organised by LSLC in association with BIMCO.

Webinar Chairman Grant Hunter of BIMCO emphasised the massive requirement for decarbonisation across the commercial shipping industry. He set out key questions for the industry and regulators to address.

Rachel Hoyland of Hill Dickinson put trends in shipping movements in the context of climate change.

Roel Hoenders of IMO outlined the initiatives recently taken and planned by the IMO to achieve an unparalleled massive transition, particularly under MARPOL Annex VI, providing quantitative material on emissions and on targets and timings for reduction and conversion.

Rasmus Bach Nielsen of Trafigura stressed the need for a substantial levy to encourage the commercially viable switch to low and zero carbon fuels.

Lars Robert Pedersen of BIMCO emphasised the importance of a co-ordinated approach between the industry and regulators to the many variables—trade volumes, emissions, energy efficiency and conversion technology—faced by the industry in affording inevitable changes over a decade or more.

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