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Jackson - A Brave New World

“The Jackson review was set up in late 2008 because the senior judiciary were - and are - concerned about the escalating costs of civil justice. Those costs are often disproportionate to the issues, in particular the sums at stake. The report - the first ever fundamental review, specifically focused upon civil costs - sets out a coherent package of interlocking reforms, which are designed to reduce litigation costs and to promote access to justice.
In addition to making for a more effective legal and court system (controlling excesses of litigation and fees), the report’s recommendations have the potential – if implemented in full - to yield substantial savings in legal costs for the taxpayer”.  (The Judicial Communications Office News Release 02/10)

The main issues to be covered at this seminar will include:
• Overview of principal changes affecting commercial practitioners

• Damages Based Agreements and how they work

• Developments in Third Party Litigation Funding
• Practicalities of securing Third Party funding for Claimants and Defendants

• Part 36 offers

Date: 13/06/2013

Vasanti Selvaratnam QC- Stone Chambers


John Kingston, Director, Harbour Litigation Funding
Mary Gibbons, Barrister, Stone Chambers
Prof.. Rachel Mulheron,  Queen Mary, University of London


Linklaters LLP
One Silk Street


6.00pm - 8.00pm

CPD Points:

This event will be accredited with 2 CPD points

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